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 Hiya~ This is Athena Cykes here! Sorry, I'm unable to answer your call, but leave your name and your number and I'll get back to you!

Au revoir!
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Athena Cykes
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Player: Athena Cykes
Canon: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Canon Point: End of the game
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 10/03/2014

Age: 18 (19 in Empatheias)
Birthday: October 15th, 2009 (According to AA Timeline; Currently 2026)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Ginger (Red)
Height: 5'4"; 162 cm
Amulet: Link or brief description
Appearance: Link
Profile: Link
Contact: [ profile] Sugoitera | [AIM] Niaeron


Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
Key: ☐ (neutral; contact first) | ☑ (yes) | (no).
» Backtagging: ☑ 
» Threadhopping: ☑ (Just ask first) 
» Hugging: ☑
» Kissing: ☐
» Fighting:
» Injuring: ☐ (Fine for plotting)
» Killing: ☐ (Most likely for plotting)
» Fourth Wall: ☐ 
» Manipulation: ☐

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▼ Athena Cykes [ OU ]
Birthday: April 17
Astrology Sign: Aries
Soul Arcana: High Priestess
Unlucky Arcana: The Fool , The Hierophant, Wheel of Fortune & The Moon
String Color: [#FFDF12]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Athena is a very spirited girl. She's a hard worker and very emotional.

▼ Visual
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▶ [Bitty!Athena]
▶ [Lawyer badge]

▼ Profile
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▶ [Permission Post]
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Athena has a very special power. She has very sensitive hearing. Or rather to be more exact, she can hear the discord in a person’s voice. This discord is caused by misplaced feelings that should be otherwise not fit.

She uses Analytical Psychology in court (and sometimes outside of court). It has actually been very beneficial and had brought out the truth in effective ways. With the help of Widget, her necklace, she can bring up what is called the “Mood Matrix”. It can act as a therapy session in order to calm down a defendant/witness to allow them to give a level headed testimony.

Outside of court, Athena tries not to intrude on somebody’s emotions. Every now and then, she’ll question about it. Although she really keeps it to people close to her (Apollo, Phoenix, and Simon). In court is a different situation.

Because of this reasoning, I feel that it's important to make this permission's post. So if you could fill this out for me, it would be very helpful to know who I can use this on.


Mar. 3rd, 2014 11:30 pm
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 Athena is a fairly new muse for me so, if you feel that I am playing her wrong or have any suggestions, feel free to comment below!


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